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Monday, 21 November 2016 11:05

By Tafara Shumba

The MDC-T has reacted to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC)’s probe on Edwin Tsvangirai, son to the MDC-T leader, in a manner that has exposed its two-facedness.

All this while, the MDC-T has been watching in schadenfreude as ZACC was investigating Zanu PF officials for graft. It is only yesterday that they took pleasure in the probe of Professor Jonathan Moyo and spoke with malicious glee about it. That is analogous to a proverbial cheater that enjoys dragging other animals in the mud but complains about how its colourful spots are soiled when its turn comes to be dragged.

Whatsapp users might recall Dzasukwa, a drunkard character in one of the widely circulated story on the whatsapp. One day he decided to go to church. “Those who steal, murder, gossip... will not enter the kingdom of God,” said the preacher to which Dzasukwa, knowing very well that he was clean on those sins, thunderously responded with a deafening “Amen.”

The preacher went on: “Even the drunkards will not enter the Kingdom of God.” Dzasukwa, enraged, snapped back: “Kuti denga racho ndera Amai vako here (Mind you the heaven does not belong to your mother). And Dzasukwa stormed out of the church.

The MDC-T’s hypocrisy is reminiscent of that chap. It is only last month that, that party released a press statement urging ZACC to ignore the allegations that it was being used by a certain Zanu PF faction to do a hatchet job against a rival faction. They urged ZACC to investigate all corruption claims without fear or favour.

“All these people should have their day in court. At the very least, this is the very essence of the rule of law,” said the MDC-T in a statement. The rule of law is not selective. Edwin Tsvangirai must have his day in court. The MDC-T must give ZACC a chance to do their constitutional mandate without “fear and favour,” which is what they have been generously prescribing to the anti graft body.

ZACC was established in terms of section 254 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe to investigate and expose cases of corruption in the public and private sectors as well as to combat corruption, theft, misappropriation, abuse of power and other improper conduct. It was not established to investigate public or government officials only. Corruption is everywhere, even within the opposition political parties. The judiciary system of this country is one of the best in the region. Justice will clear Edwin if his hands are clean or if ZACC’s actions are indeed a political hatchet job.

In any case, ZACC is not at war with the MDC-T. The person that the corruption busters are probing is Edwin, who is just linked to the MDC-T by virtue of being the son of that party’s leader. Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesman, Luke Tamborinyoka told the media that ZACC was targeting senior MDC-T officials. Oh that is wrong.

“Zanu PF is so embarrassed by events of the past few weeks that have proved that graft and corruption are firmly located in the party and are now planning a swoop on MDC-T members in a desperate attempt at equalisation,” said Tamborinyoka.

The MDC-T must reveal to the nation the so-called senior party officials targeted by ZACC. If they are referring to Edwin as the senior party official, then it’s very unfortunate for we don’t remember him holding any senior party position, let alone grassroots position. Tamborinyoka must not conflate social or biological relations with political affiliation. His boss’ wife is a daughter to Cde Joseph Macheka, a recognized Zanu PF cadre who is even former Zanu PF mayor for Chitungwiza. That does not mean Elizabeth is a Zanu PF senior member.

The MDC-T has been attacking and criticising ZACC of being a paper tiger that has no teeth to bite corrupt people. Now that the anti-graft body has developed some teeth that have seen Edwin being one of its first casualties, the MDC-T is crying foul. One therefore wonders if that party was sincere when they called on ZACC to discharge its mandate without fear or favour.

The MDC-T has been in the media umpteen times, decrying ZACC’s perceived lack of autonomy. “ZACC should be given more powers to investigate various cases of graft...It is very saddening and indeed depressing to note that the ZACC has not been given enough latitude and space to thoroughly investigate these reported cases of corruption,” said the MDC-T through its spokesperson, Obert Gutu.

It is now the MDC-T itself that is attempting to throw spanners in the work of ZACC just because it has netted their prince. Instead of inanely attacking ZACC, the MDC-T must be ashamed of what Edwin is alleged to have done. Now that corruption has reared its ugly face in their party’s first family, what will become of this nation, if one day Tsvangirai miraculously lands at State House?

The MDC-T is a haven of potential corrupt officials. It is still fresh in citizens’ minds that the MDC-T councillors suddenly became filthy rich, a few months after their election into urban councils. Those who had nothing to their names were all of a sudden owners of plush houses and fleets of expensive and posh cars. Even those who joined the inclusive government abandoned the principles on which their party was founded on, in pursuit of self-aggrandisement.

Readers may remember, among a myriad of scandals, the $1.5 million double dipping by Tsvangirai, Elton Mangoma’s $4.4 million fuel scam and the missing $20 million IMF funds where Tendai Biti was fingered.

While corruption is the nation’s number one enemy, the MDC-T must not act holier than thou. They are not clean either and they must give ZACC a chance discharge their constitutional mandate.

The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

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